Product Camp London 2015

Last Saturday I attended Product Camp London — an ‘un-conference’ for product managers. It was a fantastic day in a company of smart and enthusiastic people, who happen to be doing the same things I do.

Create unique IDs for nodes within specific content type in Drupal 7

While modifying this site I got a simple need - to create urls with unique numbers for each node of certain content type, e.g.: links/1, links/2, links/3 etc. By default Drupal provides each node with unique global NID (node-ID) which goes through all content types of the site, so you can have blog entry with NID 1, then link with NID 2, then news item with NID 3, again blog entry with NID 4 etc. Creating urls for specific content type based on NIDs will make them look as if some parts of content were lost.