– Do you dream about home?

– Sometimes.. They say home is where your heart is. If I don't feel I have a home, does it mean I have no heart? Read more


Life is just a collection of choices you make. One after another, resulting in where you are. Happiness.. is that a choice?

Every choice comes with consequences. Upsides and downsides. Get a bit more independence, a little less security. A bit more adventure, a little less comfort. Can't have it all. Like a series of IF statements, a giant balancing act, a Sims game - each step results in +++ or ---, except there are tons of combinations and the rules are a lot less clear. Read more

TedX Brighton 2016

Amidst chaos and depression of 2016 there was one day when a random group of people in Brighton got a chance to experience a different reality. Reality in which the future is bright, good things happen, people help each other, and take brave steps because it is the right thing to do. Reality where there is hope. Hope that everything is going to be fine. It was as if my soul went on vacation to a happy place for a day. Read more

The world is burning and it feels like there is nothing you can do

Unlike for many other people my world began to burn back in 2014. It was quite surreal. The things I never thought possible were happening, they were becoming the “new normal”. But I always had an impression that the madness was localised. That the rest of the world (or most of it at least) was sane. Read more

On a sense of belonging and the Drupal community

All of us want to have a sense of belonging, to be part of something, to connect. This year DrupalCon Amsterdam gave a perfect opportunity. It was something special.

The pre-note was all about people's stories, how DrupalCon changed their lives. It was followed by a very atypical Dries's keynote. Instead of the usual "What's next for Drupal" he talked about community, about Drupal as a public good, about the ways to scale the community. Read more

Notes from New York

I am sitting in the coffee shop in New York City. My friend just left to run an errand, and I have a little time on my own, to think.

I am sitting in the coffee shop on a quiet street in Brooklyn, New York, United States of America. One of those impossible things. 10 years ago, 5 years ago I would not imagine this happening, perhaps only as a fantasy, nothing more.

I slowly look around, pausing in the moment, memorising the feeling.

Read more


Another city. Get off the plane. Airport. Customs officer jokes ‘are you old enough to attend conferences?’

Stumble around in a crowd of confused people trying to find their luggage. Your bag has a bright orange ribbon. Seeing it makes your heart rush just for a second.

Your friend meets you in the hall, hands you a bottle of water. After 11 hours in a metal box flying up in the sky, the water is delicious. So is air. Read more

Product Camp London 2015

Last Saturday I attended Product Camp London — an ‘un-conference’ for product managers. It was a fantastic day in a company of smart and enthusiastic people, who happen to be doing the same things I do. Read more