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Managing Drupal 8 website using Composer
In my previous posts I shared some notes on how to set up a Drupal 8 website from scratch using Composer template and how to manage Drupal 8 site configuration via Git. This post is a collection of notes on some of the day to day tasks one typically performs while managing Drupal 8 site, such as: adding new contributed projects (modules or themes), adding custom modules or themes, updating Drupal core and contrib modules/themes.
boston Sat, 12.03.2016 - 17:38
Managing Drupal 8 site configuration with Git
In the previous post I described how to set up Drupal 8 website from scratch using Drupal Composer template. Now that such a website is in place, here are some notes on managing configuration syncronisation between the two instances (local and production) of the same website.
boston Wed, 17.02.2016 - 16:11
Drupal 8 website setup using Composer template
This post describes setting up Drupal 8 website from scratch using Composer template for Drupal projects created by webflo and other contributors, adding contributed modules, and moving the website to a production environment. Before start: make sure you have Composer installed.
boston Mon, 08.02.2016 - 14:42
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